Welcome to Peach Booty PLan!

Welcome to our Peach Booty Plan Family! We would like to congratulate you for making the decision and buying your very own Peach Booty Plan band!

When we started our brand, we promised ourselves two things:

- Quality is always a priority.
- Educate and motivate people to start their fit journeys.

And this second promise is something we really stand by and what separates us from our competition.

We assure you, that buying our band is an investment you won't regret!

Have you ever wished, your booty was rounder, stronger and firmer? To be honest, we don't know anybody, man or woman, who wouldn't want to have a nice round booty.

You've come to the right place!

As a warm welcome and to start fulfilling our second promise from above, we'd like to present you a short workout with our co-founder Eva!

Go get dressed in your favorite training clothes, grab a towel, a bottle of water, don't forget your brand new Peach Booty Plan band and let's get going!

Good job! You have just completed your very first Peach Booty Workout!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @peachbootyplan where we post new videos of exercises. If you'd like to be featured on our page, tag is in your workout videos or pictures and we might choose you and repost your work. With your premission of course.

Thank you again for choosing Peach Booty Plan and we wish you plenty of fun and joy on your healthy lifestyle journey.

Team Peach Booty Plan